How to get started in Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing tips for beginners

How to start affiliate marketing

There are few assessment work that needs to be done before getting started in affiliate marketing.

  • Decide the niche.
  • Decide the money and time investment.
  • Create a system.

Decide the niche

Deciding the niche is the first and foremost point before moving ahead in affiliate marketing. Niche is nothing but the category/topic in which you want to promote your blogs  e.g. fashion, technology, education, news etc. When going deeper in fashion segment clothes and shoes are different niches digging more deep in shoes, boots and sport shoes can be considered as different niches, if you keep on digging deeper you can get more specific audience.

How to decide a niche.

Choose a niche about which you can write. I am saying this because you will be creating a website at some point of time in your career if not in the beginning. So the more knowledge you possess in your business better is the chances of success.

Ask yourself few questions and you will get the answer of “how to decide the niche”.

Question 1: Why do you want to create a website in a niche?

Answer: To earn money.

Conclusion 1: Money


Question 2: How can you earn money through a website?

Answer: Through affiliate marketing (majority of income).


Question 3: How will you earn money through affiliate marketing?

Answer: Through the traffic you get on your blog.


Question 4: How can you drive traffic to your blog?

Answer: Through the content you write on your blog.

Conclusion 2: Content is key.

This is reverse engineering. This approach will help you even in your content writing. I always follow this analytical approach whenever i deviate from my target and it never fails to direct me toward my goal.

Factors deciding your content writing

  1. Choose a niche in which you have command or have a vast knowledge to share.
  1. You have some secret to reveal or some extra knowledge to share with the people.
  1. The one that fascinates you. This time it will work even if you don’t have any extra knowledge. Since it is the topic that fascinates and you are passionate about it so you can carry out research process without being bored.
  1. Choose a niche about which you are learning or researching, since you are carrying out your research in something chances are you are learning new things about it, that you can share in a new way.
  1. You are highly professional. You decide something and you get it done. Regardless, whether you find it interesting or not.

You don’t need to carry all of the above mentioned quality, if you think any of the above quality defines your potential then

And what if anyone of these above mentioned points not matching to your potential?

Simple, you can hire a writer for yourself just type “content writer” on google and you will get plenty of results.

Generally a good blog will cost you anything around $5-$15, that’s too much for a blog of 1000 words, well yes it is but it can earn more if it’s a good one.

Thankfully you don’t need to be a very good writer to be a successful blogger.

You just need to know the basics to put your thoughts into words.

Money involved in the niche

Follow the money, you should make sure there is a lot of money involved in your niche because at the end of the day you are doing this for the sake of money.

How to check if there is money involved in your niche or not

You can check if there is enough money in your niche or not...

  • By typing your niche keyword in the google suppose if you choose sport shoe then type it in google if there are at least two ads that appear on the top of google result then there is handsome amount of money involved in that niche and obviously there is a scope of making more money in it. But remember the more money involved in the niche more is the competition.
  • If above technique fails then just google “your niche + affiliate programs” and you will get a list of affiliate programs in your niche. I don’t think there is even a single niche exist in which you can’t find an affiliate offer.

We will learn how to check the amount of money and traffic involved in a niche later in the SEO for beginners in keyword section.

Decide the money and time investment

First you need to decide the money and time investment you are going to invest into affiliate marketing. It’s better to first decide these things rather than just jumping blindly into the business without any proper plans and vision, then finally coming to the conclusion that it’s a waste of time.

Starting affiliate marketing will cost you as much money as setting up a new website will cost, and setting up a new website initially can cost you from $20 to $200 annually, but i recommend you to keep at least $100 aside for this business.

Giving $100 for an year and 2-3 dedicated hours daily for at least two months will result into covering of your investment and making some extra income, and i can assure you if you can make $100 from affiliate marketing then you can also make thousands of dollar within no time almost.

Dedicating 2-3 hours a day for a purpose that can give you a better return in future is not a big deal, taking out this time from all your daily routine works is manageable. Of course the more time you are going to invest, more is chances of success but 2-3 hours can also make you stand in affiliate marketing and once you start earning you can always make it a full time profession. But i don’t recommend quitting your job for this purpose initially, because that can make you a bit impatient.

If you have enough time to give to affiliate marketing then you are one lucky bastard and this business is for you.

Create a system and work accordingly

Set your goals divide it into sub-goals or daily objective do not create a to do list of a month. Just set up short goals that can be met in a week or so, that way you will be able to track the progress. Set up your daily objective according to the goal or sub-goal, make sure you fulfill those objectives.

Setting up a system of goals in affiliate marketing can be very easy. Suppose after finishing this you want to set up your website.

Weekly Objective: setting up a website

Just don’t worry about the terms going to be used, it’s just to give you an idea on how to set short goals and further dividing it as daily objective, you will come across each of these term in depth in later part of this blog.

Day 1 objective: Keyword research

Day 2 and 3: Content writing

Day 4 and 5: choose domain, hosting, install wordpress, choose theme and publishing content on the website.

Day 6: Publish the affiliate link/banner, install few necessary plugins  to Optimize you site.

Day 7: Enjoy your day and create another weekly goal.

Search engines takes a little time to index your website/webpage in keyword searches, generally it is done within a week.

There are lots of distractions in the world especially on the internet, but as a beginner in affiliate marketing you need to be determined to make sure you finish off your day objective first each day before assigning yourself to anything else.

Your daily objectives time can differ with mine depending upon the time your strength/weakness and the amount of importance you give to a particular topic.

Beginners guide to affiliate marketing

It is recommended to finish one lesson a day.

Lesson-1: What is affiliate marketing and how it works

Lesson-2: Can you make money with affiliate marketingPREVIOUS

Lesson-3: How to get started in affiliate marketing⇒HERE

Lesson-4: Create your own affiliate websiteNEXT

Lesson-5: Find an affiliate product and promote it

Lesson-6: Optimize your website – SEO

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