Select an affiliate product and promote it

Affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Affiliate marketing programs for beginners

You have a lot of options to pick your affiliate product and promote

  1. Affiliate marketplace.
  2. CPA network.
  3. Affiliate programs
  4. Shopping sites like amazon, ebay etc.

Affiliate marketplace

Affiliate marketplace is the area to find a product according to your niche you just need to type your keyword and you will get the product listing related to your niche along with all the details about the product.

USP of affiliate marketplace

  1. In affiliate marketplace you will generally find cost per sale actions.
  2. Mostly digital products and services.
  3. Very high commission rate generally 40%-100%.
  4. Wide range of product, products covering almost every single niche.

Best affiliate marketplace for beginners

These are the best affiliate marketplace with the best commissions and widest range of product and services.

CPA networks

CPA networks sometimes converts better as opposed to other networks, this is because it does not require users to pay for it. People love free stuff rather than spending their money on certain products. So you just need to drive traffic towards it, to earn money.

USP of CPA networks

  1. In CPA network unlike affiliate marketplace one will find every other options except for CPS.
  2. CPA offers generally include.
  • E-mail and zip submit
  • Small little survey
  • Install something
  • A free or paid subscription
  1. One lead generation usually let you earn from $1-$3.
  2. A lot of free useful tools like link locker, product locker, content locker and file locker.

Best CPA networks

  1. Peerfly
  2. Maxbounty

But only try your hands in the above given CPA network if you have an established website or an established social media page.

If you are a beginner then don’t get dishearted as there are some good CPA network for beginners as well.

CPA network for beginner

  1. CPAlead
  2. Adwork media
  3. CPA grip

These above listed CPA networks are good network and can easily accept beginner.

CPA network has no option unlike affiliate market place where you can search your niche product by just typing your keyword.

How to find CPA offers in your niche

You can search the CPA offers according to your niche through

You can type your niche there on the search bar and you will get listing of all the CPA offers running in that niche. You can pick an offer and see all the necessary details. These offers are from various CPA network, pick your CPA offer check the network running the offer in the details, Sign up for that network and promote the offer.

Before signing up to any unknown CPA network do not forget to check the credibility of the CPA network. Go to type your network name check its review by the users , only if it satisfies you then only go for that network.

Affiliate programs

Nowadays almost every individual big brand runs their own affiliate programs, and they give a good a pay. If you want to check someone running their affiliate program or not you can simply visit their website and check it there, if there is any affiliate program running you can see it in the top navigation bar or in the footer.

USP of affiliate programs

  1. Affiliate programs gives more chances to earn by eliminating the middle man and directly opening their gates for publishers.
  2. Brand awareness, generally only big brands runs their affiliate programs so you don’t need to pitch something extra ordinary for a sale, just an honest review can do your job.
  3. These can be physical as well as digital products.
  4. Good commission.

How to find Affiliate programs in your niche

There are thousands of affiliate programs for beginners these were in my niche if you want to check the best in your niche you can google it. Just type “your niche + affiliate programs” e.g health affiliate program, affiliate marketing affiliate programs etc.

Shopping sites

There are lots of shopping sites and almost every shopping site is running their affiliate programs. Amazon has the biggest affiliate program in the world they have a variety of items to choose.

Shopping sites affiliate programs for beginners

  1. Amazon affiliate program
  2. Ebay affiliate program

Here i will discuss only amazon affiliate program hence this affiliate program is way better than ebay affiliate program. So no point of confusion just focus on the best.

Amazon affiliate program

Amazon has the biggest affiliate program it can also be considered as an affiliate network, they easily approve the beginners.

The best practice is, go to the bestseller page and from there on you can choose your category of products. Since they are already doing well chances are you might also convert them better.

USP of Amazon affiliate programs

  1. They have such variety of items that no matter what your niche is you find a lot of product related to your niche.
  2. Cost per sale action.
  3. Mostly physical products.
  4. Commission varies from 4%-10%.
  5. Amazon has a cookie period of 24 hours, this means if someone clicks your link and then make a purchase from amazon within 24 hours you will get paid for this even if it’s not what you referred, it could be anything on amazon.

Suppose you referred product “A” and someone clicks your link but does not buy your recommended product, once a person clicked your link, cookie is installed in their browser. Now no matter what they are surfing on the internet that cookie is following them everywhere in the form of amozon ads. If that person gets influenced by that ad and again goes to amazon within 24 hours not necessarily from that cookie ad or even from your referral link and buys something say product “Z”, you will get paid.

Before you start signing up for affiliate network/program it’s important to get acquainted with affiliate marketing terminology. (Link to affiliate marketing terminology)

How affiliate network/program works

Affiliate network introduces the merchant offers to the publishers and vice versa. Affiliate networks act as a mediator between merchant and affiliate. Merchant give away their offer to the networks, giving away all the technicalities and responsibilities involved in the promotion of offers to the affiliate networks, in return merchant pay a fee or a commission on every desired action as agreed by both the parties.

Affiliate network on the other hand provide a list of advantages to the merchant like tracking tools, payment process, list of publishers, banners etc.

Affiliate network unleashes merchant’s offer in front of publishers lot which in turn gives them desired result. On the other hand affiliate network provides a handful of offers for the publishers to choose from, and publisher gets free from irritating sign-up processes. Instead publisher can register once in a network and from there on they can choose a variety of offers they want to promote.

Promote the chosen affiliate product

After choosing the product the main task left is to show that product to your target audience, write a good related content if the product is about weight loss then you must write something about related to that only. Do not directly talk about that product until you are reviewing that product and giving your opinion about it. Make sure if you have not used it then at least you have researched well about the product. Do not promote a product if it does not satisfies you, just think if it’s not satisfying you then how can it satisfy your users.

Just do not recommend any product for the sake of your commission that can harm your image in the long run.

Now just click on to the product you want to promote choose a banner that suits you well copy the html code and paste it on the footer, sidebar, header or content wherever you want it to be seen. Yes, it’s that easy.

Now you are ready to earn wait for someone to click and make a purchase.

But wait, don’t just wait to see your traffic grow make an effort. Learn how to bring traffic to your blog through SEO. Before you start your sign-up process it's better to get acquainted with affiliate marketing terminology.

Beginners guide to affiliate marketing

It is recommended to finish one lesson a day.

Lesson-1: What is affiliate marketing and how it works

Lesson-2: Can you make money with affiliate marketing

Lesson-3: How to get started in affiliate marketing

Lesson-4: Create your own affiliate websitePREVIOUS

Lesson-5: Find an affiliate product and promote it⇒HERE

Lesson-6: Optimize your website – SEONEXT

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