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What are Backlinks

Backlinks are the clicakble links/image on other’s website which when clicked takes the user to the your website. Since its an incoming link from another site to your site hence it's also known as inbound link. Simply by that logic an outgoing link from your site to another site is an outbound link.

According to Google webmaster guide “Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote by page A for page B. Votes cast by pages that are themselves "important" weigh more heavily and help to make other pages "important.”

Getting some quality votes for your site can certainly help your ranking.

Nothing effects the ranking of a website as much as backlinks does.

Factors effecting backlinks

    • Nofollow links: No follow link is created using rel=”nofollow”. A nofollow link instruct google to not consider this link as a vote. A backlink with nofollow tag does not help in ranking.
      Passing a nofollow tag on the comments section of your post will help if your site has a public commenting turned on, any link to low quality site from your site can damage your reputation. You can also use a nofollow tag if you are linking to an unreliable site.


    • Dofollow links: Dofollow is a default link if you don’t set rel=”nofollow” this means it’s a dofollow link. Dofollow link pass a page’s reputation to the pages linked to. A dofollow link is considered as a vote to your site and it helps a lot in ranking if it comes from a quality site.


    • Low-quality links: A backlink passes the page’s reputation to the page linked to, if a page in itself has no reputation then getting backlink from such pages can certainly damage your reputation as well.
      Since backlinks are coming from other sites, one can’t control these low quality backlinks, but one can outnumber the high quality link as compared to low quality with some good content. Every website has at least few low quality if not a lot. You can check who is linking to your site through google search console account.


    • High-quality links: A backlink from a high quality website is considered as high quality link. Getting backlinks from a high quality website with dofollow tag is what backlinking is all about.


Getting a backlink without nofollow tag from a website which is not only high quality but also relevant to your niche is what one should look for.

Google only gives more voting weightage to the websites that can value your content and who else can value your content more than the one who are in the same business.

Importance of backlinks in seo

Backlink is among the most important factors of SEO. There is been a lot of speculations about the importance of backlinks in the recent times, but apart from those buzz and speculations backlink is still the most important factor in SEO.

  • Traffic: If you are getting backlinks then indirectly traffic from other sites is shifting to your site. Apart from this your visibility increases SERPs and eventually that drives traffic to your site


  • Indexing: Whenever you publish a new webpage search engine takes a bit time to index your content, with the help of backlinks search engines can index you faster than the normal. Since that way search engines will find a link to your content and discover it easily.
    But generally search engines index your webpage within a week .

How to generate backlinks

    • Make an appealing website: Your website is the key to your backlink. If you have a good appealing website that has some awesome content, then probably you don’t need to seek for backlinks they will naturally come your way.


    • Build relationships: Building backlink is no technical job in fact it’s all about developing relationship with your competitors and admiring their work. If you will admire their work then they will admire yours. If they like your work they will surely link back your webpage.

SEO backlink tutorial

Link building

    • Actively participate in discussion forums: Participating in discussion forum will increase your authority in that particular niche, leave a link to your site or leave a signature and make sure it’s a dofollow forum.


    • Guest posting: Guest posting just like discussions forums are great way to build your reputation and quality backlinks to your content. Choose a good high quality site for guest posting relative to your niche write some quality content and your signature below to attract readers to your site.

Do not forget to link your backlinked page to your home page.

How many backlinks you need

There is no specific answer to this question, it depends on the number of keyword you are targeting, difficulty level of those keyword, competition, level of your competitors, and most importantly your website, if other than backlink it’s search engine friendly then you might not even need any backlink, but this hold true only for low competitive keywords.

For highly competitive keywords it’s not possible to rank higher without any quality backlinks.

Initially for beginners few backlinks from good sources is enough to rank higher in low competition keyword. The more powerful the source better is the chances.

For a targeted keyword of low competition, 1-2 quality backlinks works well.

SEO for beginners

It is recommended to finish one lesson a day.

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