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How to be on top of google search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of moving upwards in the search engine result pages (SERP) for a given keyword by implementing search engine friendly factors on a website through organic, natural and unpaid medium. It involves a lot of factors that no one can claim to know except for the authorities who build these automated ranking system.

How to be on top of google search

Difference between paid and organic search

Every search engine has their own automated ranking system algorithm, but basic factors remains the same for all search engine, here we are going to focus on google, which has more than 200 factors that effects the ranking of a page in google.

Why focusing on google-friendly site benefits?

  1. Because google includes more factors in their seo list than any other search engine hence satisfying a big checklist of google ranking will automatically rank you higher on other search engines as well.
  2. Because google is the most popular search engine. According to the netmarketshare shares of the search engines based on their usage.

How to get to the top of google without paying

Search engine shares as per usage

These search engines works on automated ranking algorithm, these algorithm comes into play when someone type something on google, they have some programmed script namely spider, bots which crawls to that keyword related websites and then rank accordingly. It ranks webpages on the first page of search result that they considered to be the most useful and relevant. Google update these algorithm on a regular period to encounter the cheating system to get higher placement on SERPs, which can result into a previously 1st rank website for a keyword on 100th number and vice versa. That’s why we say SEO is an ongoing process, one can never sit back and relax.

For the user content is the key, google aims to place the best content on top, but there are more than a billion website running on the web, hence google can’t review the content of each website manually, that’s why it has certain other ways to find the best content which includes backlinking, quality of the backlinking. If someone links to some other site then google assumes it’s content to be useful, especially when it comes directly from the quality website itself. There are lots of other metrics as well that google take into consideration to make sure the best content features on top.

All those more than 200+ factors are just to make sure there is a best content on top for a specific keyword, regardless of the fact who writes it whether he be a beginner or an expert.

Though there is no listing of all those factors that comes into play during google ranking, but the most important one are certainly known and by performing these only one can get at the top of google search in a low competitive keyword.

Most Important Factors of SEO

  1. Keyword
  2. Backlinks
  3. Website and content.

SEO for beginners

It is recommended to finish one lesson a day.

Lesson-1: Keyword research and analysis

Lesson-2: What are Backlinks

Lesson-3: Onpage and offpage SEO

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