Blog commenting

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is probably one of the oldest and most orthodox method of link building. People have abused this method so bad lately that google had no option but to introduce a nofollow attribute. In 2005, Google introduced rel=”nofollow” attribute for links.

<a href="" rel="nofollow">My site</a>

Dofollow is a default link if you don’t set rel=”nofollow” this means it’s a dofollow link. Dofollow link passes a page’s reputation to the pages linked to, while a rel=nofollow strictly instruct the search engines to not pass your page reputation to the page linked.

By default WordPress automatically adds a nofollow tag to all links in the comments including the author bio link.

Although one can turn off that default nofollow tag and turn it into a Dofollow comment blog through the core code editing or by just simply installing a plugin like “Remove Nofollow”.

A lot of bloggers allow a dofollow comments on their blogs to encourage more comments and add some more value to their content. While they take good care of approving some good comments only it opens the doors of opportunities for the newcomer bloggers to get a Dofollow link from high authority sites.

Matt cutts talks about blog commenting although he warns to take a good care of those spammy comments who are allowing a dofollow comments on their sites but no where he said that commenting on a dofollow blog can do a damage to your site. Having said that obviously he means you are not commenting on some low quality sites. It’s a win-win situation for blog commentators to get some link juice without hurting their website quality.

Here is that video of Matt cutts. Matt cutts is the former head of the web spam team at Google.

If just after watching this you feel like “ohhh cool, this is so easy” then hang-on creating quality backlinks does not mean you keep on commenting on every other site. If you use blog commenting technique as your primary link building strategy then you need to do it smartly just don’t drop comments anywhere and everywhere google have some smart algorithms to detect a spammy link building strategy.

Make your inbound list look more organic i.e mix it up.

  • Some dofollow backlinks from the body content,
  • Few nofollow links mentioned in the body,
  • Few dofollow comments and
  • A lot of nofollow comments

That will make it look a lot more organic, and it’s more likely that you won’t get penalized by google.

Why blog commenting

Blog commenting has more to it than just a backlinking strategy.

  • It can be used as a platform to make your presence felt in front of other bloggers.
  • It can be used for backlinks. Some of the blogs allow dofollow links on comments section giving a chance to earn backlinks.
  • For referral traffic. One might neglect this fact but comments can bring in a lot traffic for you, if you have something informative and unique to share chances are high that people will click on your name.
  • To maintain a good healthy relations with other bloggers.
  • Helps to put your views.
  • To earn a guest post. Yes blog commenting can help you get request for a guest contribution.

Blog commenting tips

There are some tips to follow while commenting to get more out of your comment.

  • Try and be the first one to comment on a blog. Few of the benefits of being the first commentator are:
    • Imagine your comment on top can be seen by everyone, it’s high likely to  get good clicks if your comment leaves a good impression.
    • It also leaves a good impression on the blog owner that you keep an eye on his blog and you are aware of every new posts that he publishes
    • Good for SEO higher the link more is the value of that link.
  • Try comment on dofollow, if not a dofollow good there are a lot of other reasons other the link. So, drop a comment regardless of the fact dofollow and nofollow.
  • Comment on the blogs related to your niche only.
  • Find blogs with good domain authority (D.A) atleast over 30, no point of commenting on low quality sites.
  • Find the blogs one with commentLuv. That can give you two 2 dofollow links in one comment.
  • Try comment on some of the best blogs of your niche, because that’s where all the bloggers and audience of your niche is heading, it’s a great place to get yourself noticed.

Blog commenting etiquettes

  • Get yourself a gravatar, use it everywhere, that will help you recognized easily by the other bloggers and create an authority in your niche
  • Use your name instead of keywords, imagine i comment on an article with the name “SEO guy” and another one with “Nayab khan” which one looks more professional and which one is more likely to get approved? Obviously the second one.
  • Make sure to read the full article before commenting,
  • avoid to make a comment like nice article and thanks for sharing etc.
  • Come up with something that adds value to their blogs, something informative, related to that post only,
  • Something that gives rise to a discussion related to post that’s not been discussed there yet.
  • Quote something from the post and and write your review about it.
  • You can research a bit from other article and then come up with some really great information about a point discussed in the article.
  • Don’t directly disagree with the author even if you highly feel so, come up with your point in such a way that can does not offend the author as well as that describes your point of view.
  • Do not comment on the same article if author unapproves your comment, that can annoy him. Just wait for another post and next time come up with something so killer that author can’t resist to approve. And you never know he can approve that previous pending comment too.
  • Try and write down your root domain in the website section rather than a post URL.

Beginner tips to Blog commenting for backlinks

First thing to do while blog commenting just for the sake of backlinks is to set your gravatar. Make sure to use your genuine email address so that you get notify of the follow up comments. Your original name and one clear picture of yours in gravatar can help you create an authority.

Now find some do follow blog commenting sites. If you are doing this only for the backlinks. Then why not do it the best way. Choose the blogs that uses CommentLuv!!

What is Commentluv

CommentLuv is a wordpress plugin that not only allows to get a dofollow link. But it obliges a commentator with a lot of other options. These options can be controlled by blog owners.

  • It allows you to choose from your 10 latest post link to display underneath your comment and mind you!! Those link to your blog post are  dofollow. Though some of the blog owners only allow your one last post to showcase and does not gives you the luxury to choose from your last 10 post until you share their post on social media or until you already have enough comment on their blogs.
  • Author can also allow you to put your keyword along with your name or your twitter handle, again these are custom settings some of the blog owner gives you these luxuries while some may not let you enjoy so much of link love.
  • With a CommentLuv enabled blog you can get as much as two dofollow link from a single comment plus a social network handle display of yours that’smost likely to be a twitter handle.

Blog commenting with CommentLuv

Do not forget to check the commentluv box after putting your URL in the website box.

Now the question arises where to find these commentLuv enabled blogs.

Answer is simple Drop My link.

Drop my link

Use drop my link to find the commentLuv enabled blogs, Drop my link is a very handy software for bloggers and the best part about it is you don’t need to install that it just go to website login or register and you are ready to use.


Blog commenting

Step#1:  Enter your keyword

Step#2: Choose your category to Comment backlinks

Step#3: Choose footprint toComment Luv

Blog commenting through drop my link

You have a variety of other option that you can see just over the search bar where you enter your keyword.

You can your post to newer or older, number of results and Top level domain (TLD).

After you are done with your settings just hit enter and it will open up another tab for you with the search results.

Before you start commenting it’s better to get yourself an extensions if you are using chrome then get  seo-toolbar  and if you are using  firefox then use Nodofollow . This will help you choose some better blogs to comment on, comment on only those blogs which are which have good page authority and domain authority. These extensions will show you all these metrics like page authority domain authority that will help you decide better.

But every time you can’t use this trick for blog commenting. It’s good for beginners to use this trick to get some backlinks through comments to get their confidence boost up.

Pro tip to blog commenting for seo

It requires only three steps to follow.

  1. Finding some good blogs to comment on in your niche.
  2. Adding them to your feedly list.
  3. Check your feedly list daily.

1. Finding some good blogs to comment on in your niche.

  1. Find some dofollow blog commenting sites
  2. High PR blog commenting sites.
  3. Find some CommentLuv enabled blogs.
  4. Most influential blogs in your niche.

 How to find do follow blog commenting sites

You can search in google with different-different keywords something like

“List of dofollow blog”

"List of CommentLuv enabled blogs”

“CommentLuv blogs”

“List of dofollow blog + your niche”

“Best blogs + your niche”

"List of dofollow blog in your niche”

“Best blogs in your niche”

“List of high PR blog commenting sites blog”

Why i emphasize on this "list" thing rather than giving you some software, like i suggested you drop my link for finding commentLuv enabled blogs. That’s because no such software exist, through there are plenty of software that claims to highlight the Nofollow or dofollow link, but i did not find them appropriate. Most of them tends to  highlighting a dofollow link as nofollow link. And even if you are able to find one you won’t like to visit every blog to check it if it’s dofollow blog commenting site or a nofollow blog commenting site.

It’s better to use someone’s research and someone’s work in your favour.

And why suggest list is because you can find those blogs at one place. That saves a lot of time for you.

2. Add those blogs to feedly

What feedly does?

Well it can arrange all your blogs at one place you can also add categories to it the way you want. You can categories your blogs like dofollow, nofollow, commentluv and influential blogs or you can add category as per blog status like an SEO blog or an affiliate marketing blog etc.

When you are done with your list of blogs in your niche don’t just write it open feedly and add all those blog to your feedly.

Step#1 Register

Step#2. Add websites through URL/Keywords

Feedly for blog commenting

Step#3. Create categories

Advantages of making your feedly list.

  • You will have your list category wise available to you all the time all you need to do is login feedly.
  • Feedly will show you the most recent published blogs among those blogs.
  • Feedly will feed you with the most recent published blogs. This also gives you the opportunity to be the first one to comment on their blog.
  • Don’t just treat it as your comment list, these are the blogs in your niche that will help you grow. Treat it as your contact list.
  • This also gives you an idea of what’s trending in your niche or what other pioneer bloggers are writing about.

3. Check your feedly list daily

Making your feedly list only won’t serve to the cause, make a habit of checking it daily, not only checking but reading it and make sure to leave a comment on the blog. That’s the reason why you have created it!! So there is no point not take benefit out of this.

In fact i suggest you to make a habit of opening feedly as the first tab in your browser and check out your competitors recent posts. Read the one that fascinates you and drop a comment. If you keep on following this i can assure one thing, you will be a known face in your niche even if you are a beginner, and that will open the doors of opportunities for you.

Best habit is to keep a tab opened for feedly while doing your regular blogging stuff. Check it every now and then for the newest article. This creates more chances for you to be to be the first commentator.

It might take some time to make your feedly list, but it's  going to help you life long in your blogging career.

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    Hi there Nayab,

    I checked a lot of posts in your blog, but this one is EPIC. That’s why I decided to comment on.

    I use blog commenting so much, to disscuss with new people and also for backlinks.

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  3. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Nayab,

    These are some great tips for blog commenting. I’ve actually just started using this method. I personally don’t do it for the backlink.

    I am using it to help me network with other bloggers and hopefully make some virtual friends 🙂

    It’s actually how I landed 2 of my guest posting opportunities. So while getting a backlink from it is great, I tend to look at it from a relationship building perspective.

    These are definitely some great tips for someone who wants to use it to build traffic and hopefully get backlink juice to their blog. I’ve never heard of Drop my link.

    Thanks for sharing these tips and I hope you have a great day 🙂


    • Nayab Khan says:

      Its really wonderful to know you landed 2 guest post opportunity through blog commenting.
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    There are some proper ways of commenting on the blog. Which you mentioned above. I liked the Feedly strategy.

    Its always good to read a quality and informative post as well as comment, instead that one liners which doesn’t make any value.

    Your share will definitely help out, and educate many of the bloggers the way of commenting..


    • Nayab Khan says:

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