Instant approval CPA networks for beginners

CPA networks for beginners

CPA networks for beginners

CPA networks sometimes converts better as opposed to other other affiliate programs for beginners. Here is a list of three best CPA networks for beginners, one can easily get approved in these network even if they don’t have a website.

  1. CPA grip
  2. CPA lead
  3. Adwork media

There are lots of other CPA networks for beginners. I could have made this list easily a top 5 or top 10 list of CPA networks for beginners. But i certainly don't want to compromise quality over quantity.

I recommend these network to every beginner as these networks will introduce you to the affiliate marketing.

CPA lead

CPA lead is unarguably the easiest network to get approved and among the best CPA networks for beginners. Visit the website  sign up with the help of google (gmail) or facebook. Approving easily does not mean they are not loyal to merchant or they will be lenient towards publisher. Like every other network they have a set of rules to follow. They have build a good reputation over the years and they will certainly want you to abide the rules and laws. In fact CPA lead is among top 10 CPA network, it’s one of the oldest network as well.

How to get approved in CPAlead

Step#1: Visit the website

Step#2: Sign up with either Facebook or google.

CPA networks for beginners

For the normal registration process  scroll down further below and fill out the required information.

Step#3: Now login your account and Go to ⇒Account > My account on the left sidebar.

Fill out all the information and choose your payment method.

It’s an important step though you can fill out that information any time before your scheduled payment date. But it’s recommended to it in the beginning.

Now you are done with the registration part.

Now you must be willing to check how an offer works or how stats will show everything like that. Curious!!!

Keep your curiosity alive here it comes.

Check how an offer works in CPAlead

Go to offers in the left sidebar.

Choose an offer by clicking on it. Copy your affiliate URL or choose a banner and promote it the way you want i.e publishing it on website, through e-mail marketing etc.

Step#1: Just to check how an offer works go in the offer section.

Step#2: Change country name to your country name,

Step#3: Choose an offer according to your device (make sure you choose mobile offer if you are using mobile),

Step#4: Click on offer name.

cpa networks for beginners


Step#5: Copy the affiliate URL, paste it into browser and perform the required action correctly.

Instant approval cpa networks for beginners


Step#6: Now go in the Statistics section on the left sidebar check your payment/click.

Now you can start posting your affiliate link on your website or any of the relevant pages. If someone performs an action you can check it in the statistics section even a click on your link will get register and you can check it out too.

It is not necessary you get paid for every single action that you perform because of the following reasons:

  1. The most common reason is that the information is sometimes not recognized as valid by the advertiser and they don't credit affiliate networks for the lead.
  2. Tracking is also sometimes an issue, and affiliate networks also need to gather information before it can be declared as faulty offers, broken offer or an expired offer.
  3. Sometimes merchant act too smart. They make fool out of networks and affiliates. In that case also after a significant amount of details is gathered. Either that offer is removed or pushed down to the bottom.

Remember CPA network always wants to give benefit to both the parties they would not pay an affiliate if they find them cheating on merchant similarly they would take actions if they find merchant guilty.

USP of CPAlead

CPA lead has few more options to earn for the beginners, especially for the ones without website. They have a section of niche. Niches are ready to publish webpages that ask visitors to complete a survey or install a mobile app to access the content promised on the page (movie, song, game cheat, etc). These pages are free, 100% complete, and ready for you to promote without any editing required. You just need to post the link on social network wherever you want to use. Drive traffic to your posted page and you are done with it.

CPA lead is also considered as founder of link locking technique, a modern technique used to monetize website and blogs.

Adwork media

It is probably the best among the list of CPA networks for beginners as well as for the experienced affiliates.

Adwork media takes a bit more time in approval usually 2-3 days after filling out the form for the beginners, you don’t need to tell a lie to them while filling out the information form they do approve the beginners easily so no point of pretending someone that you are not.

It's also among the top 10 CPA networks. They have a very easy to use and very user friendly panel. I am amazed by their support staff, my personal experience with the performance manager Dennis weiss has been amazing, they are quick to respond and very friendly.

How to get approved in Adwork media

Step#1: Visit the website

Step#2: Sign-up, but before you start your sign up process it’s better to know about the terminology they use in their sign-up forms.

cpa networks for beginners

There are three parts to be filled in this registration process.

First part is account details fill out the account details part properly no need to cheat on this. It's all about personal details.

Second part is Account type they have two blocks here to be filled out. If you do not have a website choose PPC/PPV/Display under "Promotion style" and NO under "Incentive Traffic".

Third part is website and promotional details under this section if have a website you can put it's URL if have not chosen website above in the Second part under promotional style then select N/A (not applicable) . Under "How'd you find us" you can write my web address or anything else. Under current networks you can list CPAlead and CPAgrip.

That's it you are done. Just wait for their confirmation mail to arrive.

Step#3: they sent you a confirmation mail in most of the cases but in some of the cases they might reject it as well. They usually take 1-3 days to respond.

Step#4: Fill the payment information and start promoting your offers.

USP of Adwork media

Adwork media specializes in the monetizing tools that they offer one can use any monetizing tools, their product locker is beneficial for the ones without any website.

They also give you monthly reward on completion of a task.

Their support staff is certainly one of their strongest point. You have any problem just create a support ticket write your problem and they will be there to answer it. Most probably within 24 hours.

They have some free ebooks that you can use with their monetizing tools like product locker and link locker. Once you are approved, go to support and then find it under content and niche ideas.

CPA grip

This is not as good as the above two networks but still it’s among the oldest and has a good reputation among publishers.

It's not very tough to get approved here.

How to get approved in CPAgrip

Step#1: Visit the website

Step#2: Sign-up

Instant approval cpa networks for beginners


Fill out the form similarly as above.

Again, if you want you can put my web address into the "Where did you hear about us" section or you can just simply write through a blog.

Step#3: Respond to the confirmation mail they send you. They generally do accept the registrations within a day.

Step#4: Fill out the payment information after getting approved.

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