Importance of backlinks 2017

There is been a lot of speculations about importance of backlinks in 2017 and year passed by. Some says  backlinks do not holds as much importance as it used to do few years ago. While some says it still holds pretty much same importance like before. To clear out the speculations some research on the search engine result pages (SERPs) have proved the latter statement to be true. Most of the SERPs appeared on the first page were highly influenced by the number of backlinks they have.

If you just started your SEO research the most common terms you hear is backlinks and keyword research. But, if you are an experienced blogger chances are high that you know everything about backlinks. Backlinks are nothing but a link on one site which when clicked takes the user to your site. Since it’s coming towards your site from some other site hence it is also known as inbound link. Simply by that logic an outgoing link from your site to another site is known as an outbound link.

Nothing influences  search engine result pages (SERPs) as much as backlinks does. That’s why it holds so much importance in SEO.

Importance of backlinks for search engines

Search engines consider backlinks  as a vote to one site. If one site “A” links to another site “B” then google interprets it as a vote by page “A” to page “B”. Votes cast by pages that are themselves” important” weighs more heavily and help to make other pages important.

If a page already has a lot of quality backlinks then it makes it easy for that site to rank higher on SERPs. Why? Just read on.

Now you must be wondering if it holds so much importance then what’s the fastest way of acquiring those backlinks? Or i will aquire them all fast and reach the heights. If so then let me tell you it’s not an easy task at all unless you buy them.

One can’t expect to generate quality backlinks overnight, it takes time. If you generate backlinks overnight then google might consider it as spammy link building strategy and might punish your site with lower rankings. Because this can only happen if you buy backlinks, and buying  backlinks is a breach of google’s guideline as stated in google webmaster guideline.

If you can actually write such content that attracts a ton of backlinks overnight then don’t worry google  has some smart algorithm that can detect if your links are natural or unnatural. You don't need to worry about the consequences of getting punished if you did not breach guidelines. Google do not punishes a site unless it is actually involved in spammy link building strategy.

Importance of backlinks in SERP

When search engine finds any new page and decides to give it a rank on the search result. Search engine algorithm works step by step something like this.

1.) Your Article i.e. Content of the page from where they draw a conclusion for which keywords it should rank. They draw this conclusion on the basis of title, headings, URL, image alt tag and body content i.e Keyword placement.

2.) Once search engine algorithm decides that your page covers so and so information and based on your on page optimization you should rank for this and this keyword.

3.) Then search engines looks for the links pointing to your site (Backlinks).

4.) Quality of those backlinks. If they are coming from the quality sites then your chances of appearing on the search results gets higher. There are plenty of metrics deciding the quality of a site like Domain authority, Page rank, Moz rank, Alexa rank etc.

5.) Contextual sites (sites that write and talk in the same context). If you are discussing blogging then try and get a link out of the page that discuses the same. If you are getting a link from health website talking about website designing then it’s of no value. Try and get the backlinks from the relevant niche as yours.

6.) Competition of the keyword for which you will be ranked. If there are already thousands of people discussing that topic and they have already ranking well for that keyword. Then it makes a bit tough for you to rank for that keyword. In that case you need to do better than your competitor to rank well for that keyword.

7.) Quality of your site. If your site is an authority site then you might not need any backlinks to rank well for low competition keywords. Just making sure to implement all on page search engines friendly factors can do the job for you. But if you have a new website then you need some more backlinks to be on the top as compared to your well established counterparts. It takes time to build a good domain authority.

8.)Importance of that page in your site. Is it properly linked within the sites or not? If it’s a page on the navigation bar then it surely holds more importance in your site than a normal blog post. Every webpage of your sites do not hold the similar value. You can give signals to search engines that this page is important for you. You can do so by placing it on the navigation bar, properly linking that page to other important pages of your site and mentioning it on the homepage.

Importance of backlinks in SEO

Importance of the backlinks in 2017 has been confined to the quality rather than the quantity. It’s not about how many backlinks you have it’s all about how much value your backlinks is carrying.

Importance of backlinks in indexing

Search engines use links to crawl from one page to another page. If you just posted an article on your website then search engine might take some time to discover it and  index your page in their search. But, if you already have links on other pages that are already indexed on search engines, then you may get indexed quickly as search engines will crawl your page through links on other pages.

Indexing is nothing but adding your post to the search engines directory for some specific keywords. So that next time it can display your article  as one of the result if someone types that same keyword.

But even if you do not have links on other sites pointing to yours (Backlink), then also your post will get index. The only difference between the two procedure is of the time period. Usually search engines index a page within a weak. Google recently gave a big relief by adding one more simple but an effective feature to its arsenal. That being submitting a URL from the google search bar itself. Just type “Submit a URL to google” and there you can see a block to put your newly published article’s URL. You can also submit your XML sitemap to google webmaster tool. But now you don’t need to do that, simply submit your URL through google search bar only.

Importance of backlinks for readers

The theory of the backlinks is based on the idea that if someone links to your page you have something better to offer. Though this does not holds 100% true these days. But it still holds true to an extent even now as nobody wants to get punished linking to a bad site.

If there is a backlink on one site taking user to another site then user usually think that it has something better to offer.

It gives readers a sense of relief that i am being sent to someone who holds the expertise in that topic. Just like search engines your audience also shows interest in your product, content and services if they see links from authority sites to your site.

Importance of backlinks in referral traffic

If someone links to a site then indirectly traffic from one site flows to another site. Thus apart from all the SEO, SERP ranking and indexing factor you get a lot of traffic diversion to your site. This traffic diversion is the reason why everyone hesitates to link to another site. Obviously, why would anyone want to share their traffic with anyone else, especially when they built it over years with so much hard work and dedication. Backlinks can bring in a lot of referral traffic to your site.

When your audience reads a good content on any other site and see a backlink to your site. Chances are high that they will come and check your site.

If someone links to some other site knowing that user may leave that page to go to that linked page. It gives a sense of assurance and builds a trust factor among users that site owner is not compromising on the content even at the cost of losing their traffic.

This is highly targeted traffic since that user is already been pitched with some good content on other site. So unknowingly this makes that user more vulnerable to click on a call to action, that may be a subscription to a newsletter or buying something from you.

Hence referral traffic through backlinks is highly targeted traffic, and highly targeted traffic converts much better than the normal traffic.

Importance of backlinks in creating an authority

Creating a name for you and your website requires a lot of readers attraction and fellow bloggers attention to your blog. Either you want to create a brand name for yourself or for your blog. Backlinks  always helps to get the good visibility to your blog. If your content is visible to the reader then only they can decide whether it’s good or not.

Nothing can give you visibility on search engines  as much as backlinks does. Then it can make or break a name for you depending on the content, product and services you have.


There is been a lot of buzz about google devaluing backlinks factors and trying to bring in another factor called “social signals” which will work on the metrics of total number of shares on social engines like facebook, twitter, google plus etc.

Importance of backlinks in SEO


Social signals will work in co-ordination with backlinks to provide the SERP ranking. But SERPs  shows that backlinks still remains the most important factors in google ranking. At least first page results are pretty much in favour of the backlinks.

Backlinks will continue to serve its purpose for SEO. Search engines might devalue it in SERPs but they can’t stop backlinks to serve the other purposes like referral traffic. Hence it will directly or indirectly keep on contributing for the SEO purposes.

According to me search engines might devalue it in coming years but as of now and years to come backlinks will remain the most important factor in SEO.

What do you think?

Let me know your opinion about the backlink factor in SEO. How much value it holds in SEO in the present time? How it has change over the years and how it will go in the years to come?

Anything you want to say. Please put your views in the comment box and lets discuss it.Hello Simon!!

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  1. Getting backlinks from top level sites can help you tremendously in boosting your Google aka search engine juice Nayab. Aim for the big dawgs. Hunt the big game. Look for the big fish. If you land guest posts on top sites – regularly – your blog will grow like a weed. And Google will give you mad propers too. Fab post.


    • Nayab Khan says:

      Hey Ryan really good to see you here.
      You are absolutely correct!! Getting backlinks from a quality site can make a lot of difference to organic search visibility. But getting an opportunity is not an easier task especially for beginners. We need to learn this trick from you.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing some valuable suggestions. Keep visiting 🙂

  2. Akshaya Goel says:

    Hi, Very Helpful article.
    Thanks For Sharing. 🙂
    Great Work.

  3. lovet says:

    Hi Nayab. Sure, having a good number of quality backlinks is very important for search engine ranking. I did a little personal research using SEMruch to know why other blogs of the same niche as me ranked so well. I noticed they all had thousands of backlinks among other things. Very nice post, good job.

    • Nayab Khan says:

      Yes backlinks is a major factor. In fact google itself cleared the air by saying it’s among the top three most influential factors in SEO.
      Thanks lovet for stopping by and commenting.

  4. Hello Nayab,

    Backlinks are considered as a backbone of any website. Without backlinks no one can rank their site in Search Engines. Backlinks still plays and important role in SEO. Since Google penguin in now a part of Google’s core algorithm, So, Google can now easily caught the low quality backlinks. That’s why creating quality backlinks is a hefty job for newbie bloggers. By the way great post. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Alisha says:

    They are indeed useful

  6. Vikas Kardam says:

    Such a knowledgeable content. thanks for the support

  7. Asmi says:

    it is nice article, thanks for sharing

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    Such a great article , thanks for sharing..

  9. I think creating backlinks is of much importance for rank improvement of any website. By the way, this is a good post. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Nayab,

    While I really don’t spend a lot of time trying to get backlinks, I do know that they are important, especially, if you want traffic from Google. As a blogger, we would all love traffic from Google.

    In the past, I focused 100% on trying to get backlinks. Today, I focus on social and guest posting. Hopefully, that will be enough to help me rank my blog on the search engines.

    Only time will tell, but so far, I have no complaints. Thanks for sharing this information with us, have a great day 🙂


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