Onpage and offpage seo

onpage and offpage optimization

Onpage and offpage optimization

There are mainly two kind of optimization process in SEO.

  • Onpage optimization
  • Offpage optimization

Often we talk about keyword usage and backlinks only when it comes to SEO, that’s because these are the two most important factors, but apart from these are a lot more factors that effects the ranking of a webpage and one should not avoid them especially if focusing on highly competitive keyword.

Even as a beginner one should make sure to follow as much search engine friendly factors as possible.

On-page optimization

On page optimization refers to the process of implementing search engine friendly factors to make it look good to the user as well as to the search engine.

Usage of keyword on your website is the most important factor of on-site optimization Learn about keyword and it’s usage.

Other than keyword usage there are a lot more on site optimization factors that influence the ranking of a webpage. Make sure to checklist as much factors as possible.

  • Usage of the keywords in the title, URL, headings, meta tags, alt tag of images, content.


  • Unique, readable, nicely structured and well written content.


  • Inbound links, links from your site going to another site. Make sure to check there is no broken links and links not going to low quality website.


  • Proper navigation of the website. Each of your webpage can be visited from a page on your site. Better if that’s your home page.


  • An XML sitemap, it help search engine to index your pages.


  • Date of updation of the content, search engines loves see the new work and it gives preference to the recently updated content over never updated and very old content, if score from other factors is on level.


  • Social media sharing buttons, so that people can share your content on social media.


  • Create a logo for your website.


  • Share your personal information on one static page that can easily be accessed from navigation area.


  • Create a good user friendly home page, make sure your important page’s link is visible from home page.


  • Make sure your website loads fast and proper.


  • Set up some free basic plugins to help make your site SEO friendly.
    • yoast, To make your site SEO friendly
    • akismet, To block spam comments on your blog.
    • contact form, To subscribe and contact you.
    • google analytics, To get all the details of your traffic.
    • Social sharing buttons.

The more easy you can make for search engine bots to crawl  on your webpage better the chances of ranking higher.

Off-page optimization

Off page optimization is more of a promotion strategy as how to create awareness about your content, and everything that you do on other sites and other webpages of you site to make your webpage popular. It can be done through various methods.

The most important off-page optimization factor is backlink. Learn more about backlinks.

Other important factors of off-page optimization in SEO

  • Backlinks
  • Keyword research
  • Social media sharing and buzz
  • Content marketing like: guest blogging, blog comments , forum discussions etc.
  • Video marketing through youtube, and ads on other sites
  • PPC campaigns.

SEO for beginners

It is recommended to finish one lesson a day.

Lesson-1: Keyword research and analysis

Lesson-2: What are BacklinksPREVIOUS

Lesson-3: Onpage and offpage SEO⇒HERE

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