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You must have a website to make yourself stand in affiliate marketing, this is the natural way to go ahead in affiliate marketing. You decide the niche create the content around that niche and then publish your content through a website.

Nowadays creating a website is not a big deal you can create your website without any technical knowledge of java, php and html. Though a little knowledge of html would be beneficial but it’s so little that you can learn it in a day or may be in an hour, so forget about it now.

How to build an affiliate website

Three most important aspects in website setup.

  • Register a domain
  • Purchase the hosting plan
  • Install a blogging platform

Affiliate website

How to build Affiliate website

Register a domain

A domain name is simply the web address of your content. Like the one

Nowadays domain name the has no effect on SEO whether you choose a organization name your name or anything else.

How to select a domain name

  1. Depending on the niche: Domain name can be anything related to your niche, it can also be your name or your organization name, depending on how you want to project your website in future. It’s good if your domain name is reflects your niche.
  1. Avoid weird extensions : Keep it simple use .com, .net and .org extensions only. These were the first three extensions invented. If possible use .com extension only because it’s a default extension for a non-techie. There are a lot more extension, avoid those unless it describe your work better than these three.
  1. Catchy and short: Use a short, catchy and easy to remember domain.

You can check your domain availability on godaddy and namecheap but don’t buy it now, you will get your domain name for free along with your hosting plan.

Note: Geo specific domain extension (TLD) helps rank better in specific region like. A .us extension will help rank better in U.S than a .com. If you want to want to target some specific country then geo specific domain is better.

Purchase the hosting plan

Domain name alone can’t get a website active and live on the internet. Domain is just the name through which your website content can be accessed. It can just be considered as a name or an address, domain name alone serve no purpose.

Now you need to create the content and store it on the fully functional 24*7 working server. So that if someone visits your website then server provides the content of your website to the user on his request. All this is done within a second.

In web hosting someone else host your website content. Website hosting companies rent you some space on their server to store your website content, which can be access by anyone and anytime on the web. In exchange for the rented space they charge you some money. Since they are hosting your website on their server so you become host for them.

The main aim of the hosting companies is to provide a safe and secure place to your website content like images, videos, text, gifs etc.

Better will be the service of the hosting company better will be the experience to your user, pages will load faster, your content can be accessed 24*7.

There are different types of hosting but for the beginners it’s advisable to take shared hosting, it cost less. In shared hosting a server along with your website content contains lots of other websites file too, that’s why it is called shared hosting.

Bluehost shared hosting plan is recommended for the beginners it is also officially recommended by wordpress. WordPress is a content management system(CMS), in simple word it is website builder that requires no technical knowledge.

Geo specific hosting also effect the ranking in the search engine if you are hosting your files on U.S server then you will rank high in U.S results irrespective of your nationality. So if you are targeting geo specific traffic then better you use that country domain name extension as well as find a server in the same country.

Install a blogging platform

Few years back from now website building was a tough task it was done using html, flash, javascipt, php, css and what not. Back then you need to be a techie to do so. But thankfully not now, though in some cases one might still need these languages. But it’s rare we can create any type of website through WordPress.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) or simply a website builder there are other CMS like joomla, drupal etc. and nowadays almost every hosting and domain site is giving their own website builder services. But nothing can match the level of wordpress.

Why wordpress?

How to build an affiliate website using wordpress

  1. Number of users: According to a survey last year more than half of the website were build using wordpress. There are biggies like NASA and ebay running their website on wordpress, this says it all about the platform.
  1. Recommended for beginner: WordPress platform is very much user friendly leaving alm0ost no scope of coding, hence making it easier for the beginners and non techie.
  1. Free platform with free plugins and themes: WordPress is free to use along with thousands of free themes and plugins.
  1. Responsive websites: WordPress lets you create responsive websites i.e, it can adjust all its properties like screen size, text size etc. according to the display screen. Making it work on every screen sizes of mobile, tablets, desktop and laptops.
  1. Clear coding: WordPress back-end coding is very clear, giving your website a better ranking to feature on search engine result pages(SERP).
  1. Lots of wordpress gurus to help: The support staff of wordpress not only includes wordpress officials but other techies also, wordpress solutions can be easily encountered on the internet.

There are certain plugins that you need to activate in the wordpress for the better experience. Start writting and publishing your content on internet and get your presence noticed, write something unique, something creative and informative. See your visitors list increasing day by day. Learn more about wordpress and it’s plugins.

Beginners guide to affiliate marketing

It is recommended to finish one lesson a day.

Lesson-1: What is affiliate marketing and how it works

Lesson-2: Can you make money with affiliate marketing

Lesson-3: How to get started in affiliate marketingPREVIOUS

Lesson-4: Create your own affiliate website⇒HERE

Lesson-5: Find an affiliate product and promote itNEXT

Lesson-6: Optimize your website – SEO

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