Ways to make money online

Earn money online

There are several ways to make money online but there is only handful of ways in which you can actually make big money from internet.

I decided to write this piece of content because on my journey to earn money online i was too confused to work in the right direction, i almost tried everything from gpt, ptc, surveys to captcha solving before i could realize that it's of no use if i want to make money online

All this happened because there were no serious post on legitimate ways to earn money online, nowadays search engines are full of those vague information about earn money online. So it's very hard for beginners to walk on the right track, after reading all those vague information all they do is get frustrated after a while and start changing their perception about making money from internet.

Here are some ways to make money online. Ways that you should avoid and ways that you should focus on.

First i will list out all those things that says earn money online but are actually not worth your attention.

Shit ways to make money online

1. GPT/PTC sites

If you are interested in earning pennies you can join any get paid to (GPT) and paid to click (PTC) sites there are lots of websites running. You can only earn money through these sites if you have lots of successful referrals, in this two tier referrals you also earn a commission on the total revenue generated by your referral. Which in turn, from a lot of referrals can combine to give you some decent bucks. But, that takes lots of time.

If you have not heard about them or not wasted your time into them then probably you are a lucky one. Stay away from these sites.

2.  Captcha solvingMake money online

You can’t even earn a single dollar after working the whole day from captcha solving. Mostly people find it better to do something like this in their leisure. But for me not good for serious earning. Avoid these sites, they are a waste of time and energy.

3. Completing surveys, reading emails data entryMake money online

It works fine with the U.S resident and to an extent Europe resident as well. But if you are someone from Asia like an Indian or an African then forget about earning though this in your extra time, even if you dedicate your whole day in this then also it can’t even feed you three basic meals of the day. Having said this if someone offers something good then do not forget to research well about it as there are lots of scams involved in this category. If you find it all okay then go ahead. Again, here also two tiers referrals can make you earn a bit more i.e your income + commissions from your referrals income.

4. Write an E-book

Write an e-book and sell it through a platform like amazon, kindle to get viral and make money for you. No investment involved and money start flowing to your account...Sounds good. But to be honest i have never seen anyone grow like this. Even for your e-book to get viral you need to spend some money in marketing for the awareness, no matter how good your content may be. You can make money with an e-book if you are a go to person in a specific niche/topic.


Now some you will think if they are not worth attention then what made them so big or so popular? Why you see them everywhere in almost every post you search for “ways to make money online” or something closely related to this? Yes, people’s attention made them big, because it comes with a free and no investment title. Everyone wants to earn money online without investment.

Caution!!  If you have not heard about these terms consider yourself lucky and do not even bother to search about it.

Better ways to make money online

If you have some skills then probably here are some better ways to make money online.

1. Writing for othershow to make money online

This can make a bit of money for you if you are an efficient writer. But, i don’t endorse this kind of writing if you are a good writer rather than writing for others, you should write it for yourself. Nowadays creating a website is all about content writing almost no technical expertise is required and if you are already a good writer, then it’s better to , rather than getting paid. Also, if you write for someone else you need to be more careful while writing it for yourself has no restrictions.

 2. Freelance workHow to make money online

There are lots of websites in which you can register and do some freelance work like upwork, freelancer, Guru, 99designs etc. Doing some freelance work can help you grow your knowledge along with some earning. Do some introspect choose a category in which you can contribute place lowest possible bid on the project and get it deliver timely are some of the key aspects to succeed in freelancing. One can find a lot of categories to choose from but mainly web development are the ones that dominates here.

3. FiverrEarn money online

Fiverr is another great place to earn again works like the same as freelancing works. If you know a bit about designing or graphics then fiverr can make you as much money as you can imagine.

4. YouTube Ways to make money online

If you love to play pranks or have something extra ordinary to share everyday then you tube is the place for you to earn. Create a you tube channel upload some videos grow your audience and subscriber. Monetize your channel with adsense. There a lot of guys who are earning millions from youtube only. It might sound easy to you but believe me it takes some really good videos plus a very good marketing strategy to grow your audience on you tube.

Best ways to make money online

There are several ways to make money online like social media, youtube etc. But i won’t list out those medium as they are a part of marketing strategy of the ideas given below. Though you can solely depend on these methods also but it’s better to use them as marketing tools first then later on you can shift your focus towards it rather depending wholly and solely on them.

Here are few ideas in which you can actually make money online.

1. Selling your own product or services

You have your own product and you have a medium to promote, it can’t get better than this. But for beginners it might create a lot of problems creating a product and then promoting it. We have a lot of platforms where you can sell your products.  If you do not have a product then buy some products from third party and  put it on the portal.

   How to choose a product

  • Products that are already doing well.Earn money online
  • Unique product that no one else is offering.
  • Same product in cheaper price.
  • Out of stock items.
  • Seasonal items e.g help books during exam sessions.

Doing a good research of the product demand and maintaining a good reputation is the key to success.

2. Affiliate marketingEarn money online

This is the best way to make money online. Selling your own product might create a lot of problems for those who don’t have their product, affiliate marketing makes it easier for the beginners who don’t have their own product. Affiliate marketing is all about recommending someone else’s product and if someone make a purchase through your recommendation. You get paid for this.

You need a website to promote product, nowadays creating a website is no big deal. In affiliate marketing you get a unique link of a product or service that you can publish on your website through a link or a banner, if someone through your link perform the required action then you get paid for this.

Learning this art of recommending someone else’s product, will make you get closer to creating your own product and then promoting it at your own.


3. Advertisement/AdsenseEarn money online

The best way to monetize your site is with the product, second best way with the ads. It works same as the affiliate marketing, the only difference is while in affiliate marketing you get paid when someone perform the required action. Here in ads you get paid monthly according to your traffic, views and clicks an ad gets through your website. Affiliate marketing can let you earn a lot more than the advertisement. Even then a lot of blogger use their adsense account as a recurring source of income.

4. Through an App

If you have an idea that you think can drive a lot of traffic then create an app or simply hire someone to do it for you. You can monetize your app with ads and affiliate programs. A simple application if went viral can drive a lot of traffic which in turn can give you a lot of money. An app needs you to invest anything around $1000-$10000, depending upon the complexity of an app. But this lets you earn so much that you can not even imagine.

As i already said there are many ways to make money online but i don’t want to fill this post with all those vague repetitive information. You can find those information easily on the internet so no point of putting it here. Instead i really wanted to give a reality check on all the well known ways to earn money online.

Let me take you direct to the conclusion: Don’t run behind the free stuff, instead make your mind to invest a bit for some serious earning through internet marketing. For a serious earning from the internet marketing you need a website. I am not saying just after a day of website set-up you will start earning money. But i can ensure you by doing so you will be on the right track. When you will be on the right track then you can make money if you work on it properly.  So, invest some time, money and be patient to watch it grow like a business.

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